JoJo “Hannah Montana” Offer: “I Turned Down ‘Hannah Montana’ Role!”

Move over, Miley Cyrus. JoJo says she was the petite powerhouse originally offered the starring role in Disney’s runaway hit Hannah Montana; a gig the 17-year-old R&B singer passed up to focus on maintaining her platinum-selling career in music.

So how does JoJo feel about snubbing the role that turned Miley Cyrus into the Most Popular Teenager On The Planet?

“No regrets. No regrets at all,” JoJo tells Extra. “Yeah, they [Disney] offered me the role…[But] it’s not really what I see for myself.”

JoJo rose to fame in 2004 with the release of the chart-topping “Breakup Anthem,” “Leave (Get Out).”

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