Johnny Knoxville & Girlfriend Announce Pregnancy

Johnny Knoxville and his girlfriend are expecting a child together.

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The Jackass star announced on his blog Tuesday that he will be welcoming a baby with girlfriend Naomi Nelson later this year. Naomi, who has been dating Johnny for nearly a year, is three months along.

According to Johnny’s rep, the couple is “very excited” about the new arrival.

“Woohoo!!! We have been together a few years now and felt it was time to start reproducing (if you know what I mean),” Johnny blogged of the news. “Anyway, we are excited as all hell, and can’t wait ’til the little booger gets here.”

Johnny already has a daughter, Madison, from his first marriage, who is excited about welcoming a new sibling. “[She] has already started becoming a big sister, too, and is helping pick out clothes, strollers, and beds for her new little sister or brother.”

“We got us one on the way!”

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