John Travolta Gay Rumors; John Travolta Gay Century Spa Visit

John Travolta is gay, L.A Rag Mag reports. The snitch site claims John has been spotting cruising a gay spa in California’s Koreatown. (No wonder he looked so comfortable wearing that dress in Hairspray!)

L.A Rag reports:

There’s a junkie Korean spa in Koreatown called Century Spa that no one knows about so it’s cheap and fantastic. It’s also a place that’s been overrun by a slew of gay men cruising for dick in the steam room and clay room.

When we went to get Lynn a body scrub and massage the two Korean women behind the counter were unusually giddy.

“You will never believe who here!”

“Who?” We asked eyes raised.

“Mr. John Travolta!” They exclaimed, exploding into giggles.

Now, why in the name of Liberace, would John Travolta be miles from his home in Korea Town at a men’s spa. For their amazing service? The gorgeous showers with broken tiles?

Once we saw John we instantly ran to our locker to try and take a picture of him, but it didn’t work so we have no proof. But we are telling you straight up our experience, we saw him there, and he was checking out Alex’s Middle Eastern feast in the showers.

This was the wrong thing to do, and we realize that now. We should have flirted with him until he laid his hands on us and we could’ve said, “Dude, I liked you in Hairspray and all, but I’m not like that!”

That would’ve been more hilarious than him in a fat suit.

John, look, no one goes to a Korean Spa unless they WANT to get caught. Stories about you cruising in the steam room have surfaced before so it’s not a surprise.If you come out as gay, then that just makes you that much better of an actor. You fooled the American public for years, and usually you have to be the president to do that.

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