John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Team Up for Holiday Album

Season’s Grease-ings! They’re the ones that we want and they’re back together at last.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta have reunited for a holiday album nearly 35 years after they became “hopelessly devoted” to one another as teen lovers Sandy and Danny in the 1978 movie musical Grease.

The cover art for This Christmas: John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is as warm as it is fuzzy Who wouldn’t want to wake up to these two crooning on Christmas Day?

Olivia and John hit new highs with an original duet titled “I Think You Might Like It” — a sequel to “You’re The One That I Want. That tune remains the highest-selling duet in pop music history.

“My desire was to make This Christmas an intimate album, not something too ostentatious or showy,” says John, now 58. “I wanted people to be able to play it around the house or in the car during the holidays, and make us part of your celebration.”

Olivia added:

“It just fell into place. With our busy schedules, I don’t know how we got it done. John and I have always connected. That’s never gone away. When we’re together, we have a good laugh and feel bonded to one another. We’ve been through some amazing experiences together.”

The album also features Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Cliff Richard and smooth jazz saxophonist Kenny G.

It’s all for a good cause — all proceeds from the sale of the album will benefit the Jett Travolta Foundation and the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center in Melbourne.

This Christmas drops Nov. 13.

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