John Travolta Adopting Haitian Orphan?

Grease legend John Travolta is the latest Hollywood notable rumored to adopting a child from the earthquake-torn nation of Haiti, gossips reveal to GLOBE.

According to new reports, Travolta, 55, recently notified his staff that he and wife Kelly Preston have decided to take a young Haitian orphan into their Florida home after bonding with a group of parentless children they met during their humanitarian mission to the impoverished Caribbean nation earlier this month. In an interview with The Associated Press this month, John tenderly recalled his heartbreaking encounter with one 7-year-old orphan: “All he wanted to do was see inside our plane. We took him through and gave him treats. To think he doesn’t have a family is pretty rough.”

Insiders says John and Kelly — who lost their autistic son Jett to a seizure in the Bahamas last year — were “shaken” after joining half a dozen other Scientologists in flying a Boeing 707 loaded with emergency supplies into Haiti. Many Haitian children were left homeless and searching for their families after a devastating quake rocked the island Jan. 12. Pals say the stars have decided that adopting a child from Haiti could be a wonderful tribute to Jett’s memory:

“No one can replace Jett in John’s heart, but I think that as a father who’s endured a great loss, he was particularly moved by the suffering he saw in Haiti.”

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