John Stamos Bangs Chicks And Takes Selfies Afterward


John Stamos has become king of TMI with this little nugget of information, but here we are. In a new book by Glee and Family Guy writer Ali Adler called How To F*** A Woman, Stamos tells a funny anecdote about getting down and dirty with a woman who wanted to take a selfie with him afterward. Say what?!?

Guess what – it doesn’t get any better from there, either.

He told the writer, “A couple of women have wanted selfies afterwards. One girl really wanted my shirt, like a souvenir.”

He went on to say, “I’m fifty-one years old. I’ve had some experiences, but it’s about listening, asking, talking…Maybe some girls are afraid of communicating. Bit I find most aren’t if you ask, ‘Does this feel good?’ Or listen to her body like an instrument. I guess I do approach sex in a musical way. With me, it’s more rhythm than melody with a woman…but it’s all listening. When music clicks you can feel it. You have to listen to other musicians. With women, you have to listen to their bodies. I’d rather have a woman have ten orgasms than me have ten orgasms.”

He also talked about an awkward sexual experience that he’s had. He said, “I had an experience where a girl I was dating for a month, we finally got to the place where it was ‘the night.’ It was going to happen. And I’m very self-conscious, I have to take, like, fifteen showers, make sure my breath is great. And it’s happening and I’m going to give this woman oral sex.”

He added, “I got to the arena and there’s this very strange … there was an unusual … a mass … something that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. It was a weird texture, a lump, but it wasn’t a medical thing. I kept licking it and checking it with my tongue and was like, what the [bleep] is this thing? This was me going, ‘[Bleep], I really care about this person and I really want to continue this, but what the [bleep] is this.’ You know what it was? It was my gum that I’d been chewing from before because I wanted to make sure I had good breath.”

Too funny.

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