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John Oliver Talks About ‘Fashion, The Personality You Can Buy’ And Its Seedy Underworld


Last Week Tonight starring John Oliver set its sight on the fashion industry this weekend and the results are both hilarious and disturbing. Oliver starts his monologue by pointing out that fashion is the “popularity you can buy” before he gets serious about child labor and the stupidity surrounding fast fashion outlets.

Oliver points out that fashion continues to thrive because media outlets are so quick to dismiss overseas labor scandals in favor of cheap new trends.

Oliver notes that in the 1990s sweatshops were under constant attack. Kathy Lee Gifford even testified in front of Congress to ask what America to do in order to curb the sweatshop issue. Despite protests, The GAP for the last 15 years has continued to allow children as young as 10-years-old to make their clothing and John Oliver points out that they are not even the worst company in the space.

The biggest problem? John Oliver points out the “deniability seems to have been stitched into the supply chain.”

John Oliver And The Stupid Fashion Industry

Walmart, The Gap, H&M, and thousands of other garment sales retailers continue to deal with sweatshop violations, or more accurately they continue to ignore the issue until members of the media catch them in the act.

James Vanderhoff
James Vanderhoff is a former editor at http://www.popcrunch.com

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