John Mayer Snuggling Up To Kate Winslet?

Attention Kate: Step away from the douchebag! Are John Mayer and Kate Winslet hot new WTF?! Couple? Star Magazine claims that the pair are doing it on the super-quiet and Kate is pulling out all the stops to keep the hookup under wraps.

Can you blame her?

Mayer must be one of those people with irresistible pheromones or something because we just don’t get how a guy with such a bad reputation and a douchey nineties haircut can pull so many hot and famous women. …Particularly someone as hot and famous and dignified as the Titanic Oscar winner.

“A few weeks ago, John was at a party in Manhattan when he ran into Kate. He really put the moves on her, and Kate eventually responded,” an insider told the tab. “She’s just having fun – and she’s begging him not to blab.”

No, Kate, no!

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