John Mayer Twitter Account Deleted

First John Mayer turned his back on love — now the notorious bed-hopper is bidding goodbye to Twitter too.

On Monday, Mayer’s publicist issued a press statement confirming that the “Clarity” star has decided to discontinue his Twitter account with his Battle Studies Tour “now at a close and a return to the studio planned.”

“With the Battle Studies tour now at a close and a return to the studio planned, John has discontinued his Twitter account. However, he continues to communicate with his fans via his blog as he always has,” the press release read.

Mayer boasted more than 3.7 million followers on the popular social networking website and used the account to invite fans to a free show at the University of South Carolina February before the start of the tour to promote his ill-received album, Battle Studies.

John has been maintaining a low-profile after attracting criticism for racially and sexually-charged comments he made in a March 2010 interview with Playboy Magazine.

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