John C. Reilly Megan Fox “The Dictator” Cameo Roles

John C. Reilly and Megan Fox — who the world recently learned was axed from the Transformers franchise at the insistence of producer Steven Spielberg — will appear in cameo roles in Sacha Baron Cohen’s Saddam Hussein-inspired comedy-spoof, The Dictator, arriving in theaters next spring. Their roles are top secret for the moment, but with Baron Cohen in charge, you can only predict the unpredictable.

The newest film from the star of Borat and Bruno will tell the story of a dimwitted dictator who risks his life to ensure that his country never falls to democracy. The film was reportedly inspired by Zabibah and the King, a bestselling novel written by Hussein.

The Dictator is scheduled for release in May 2012 — Enough time for Megan’s career to recover?

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