Joey Buttafuoco Sex Tape; Joey Buttafuoco Sex Tape “Joe Buttafuoco: Caught On Tape”

Joey Buttafuoco is following in his once homicidal teen lover, Amy Fisher’s, footsteps with the release of a new sex tape. “Joey Buttafuoco: Caught on Tape” will be released February, 6 2008, featuring explicit footage of Joey and his second wife Evanka doing the mattress mambo. It’s all yours for the low price of $39.95, especially from porn giant Red Light District.

According to David Joseph, CEO of Red Light District, shortly after Buttafuoco was released from jail, he and his wife Evanka were caught on tape having sex while attending a party at Adult Entertainment Director Rob Spalone’s home. The Buttafuoco’s went into a bedroom during Spalone’s party to talk and have sex but didn’t know that Spalone had three hidden cameras hoping to catch late night action from many of the adult entertainers at the

“Spalone didn’t know that he had captured Joey and Evanka until a couple of weeks later when he completed reviewing the footage from the party. “He was so surprised to find Joey and Evanka on the tapes. When he realized what he had, he came to Red Light District to discuss distribution. He knows we are the best in town to work with on these types of deals.”

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