Joey Buttafuoco Sex Tape Anger; Joey Buttafuoco Furious Over “Joey Buttafuoco: Caught On Tape” Sex Video

Long Island slimeballl Joey Buttafuoco is peeved that his secret sex tape is making it’s way to adult store shelves. “Joey Buttafuoco: Caught on Tape” co-stars a pot-bellied and out-of-breath- Buttafuoco and his “guidette” of a second wife, Evanka, getting their freak on. The tape was secretly shot by his former pal Rob Spallone last year at Spallone’s home and J “I’m [bleep]ing furious, this guy was supposed to be my [bleep]ing friend?!” Joey told David K. Li of the New York Post “My wife, she didn’t deserve this! My kids, whether they’re estranged from me or not, they didn’t deserve this.”

Ok Simpleton, if you don’t want to be secretly shot having sex, then don’t sneak off for clandestine quickies at the home of your PORN PRODUCER friend. As a matter of fact, don’t sneak off for quickies at other people’s homes at all.

Rob Spallone admits he secretly shot and sold the flick: “Should I have done it? Yeah, I’m going to make a lot of money off it. “He could sue me if he wants, but I’m going to make so much money, I don’t care.”

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