Joel Madden Incensed After Daughter Is Compared To Dog @ Farmers’ Market


Joel Madden was left fuming after a visit to a farmers’ market in Los Angeles over the weekend because a fellow shopper insulted his one-year-old daughter by comparing her to a dog.

One woman invoked a tough response from the doting dad after she singled out his daughter Harlow and her young playmates.

“Harlow and I went to the farmers’ market today… We had fun. Best part? Watching this lady freak out,” Joel wrote on his Twitter page on Sunday.

“I’ll explain. They wouldn’t let her dog run around. They said it was a health violation. She then looks at Harlow and other little kids around and says….’Look at these kids! They’re more of a health violation than my dog!’ And I said, ‘Lady, I’ll drop kick that lil’ mutt if you don’t shut it.'”

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