Joe Jackson Confims Michael Jackson Son — Omer Bhatti Was Michael’s Lovechild

Would someone slip a muzzle on Joe Jackson already?


In a joint interview with NewsOne/TVOne, 80-year-old Jackson Family patriarch Joe Jackson reveals that rumors of a “Secret Michael Jackson Lovechild” are true. That’s right, folks. According to Papa Joe, Michael fathered 25-year-old Norweigan dancer/rapper Omer “Obee” Bhatti after a one-night stand with the boy’s mother, Pia Bhatti, in 1983.

Omer first sparked public speculation that he was MJ’s son after he was photographed sitting with The Jackson Family at the singer’s public memorial in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Why is this old man allowed to walk the streets without medication? Michael adored children. If he thought this boy was his biological son, why would he not publicly acknowledge that at some point?

Futhermore, Omer recently confirmed that Michael was not his father — even adding that he and his parents met the King of Pop while he was vacationing in Norway in 1996. Smitten with the talented young Michael Jackson impersonator, Michael took Omer and his family under his wing; he once employed Omer’s mom as a nanny and his dad as a driver.

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