Jodie Sweetin Lectured On Sobriety While High, Memoir Reveals

Jodie Sweetin, who grew up before our eyes playing Stephanie Tanner on Full House, was high on cocaine even at appearances where she claimed to be sober, she says in a new memoir.

The one-time child starcomes clean in her new autobiography, unSweetined, in it recounting nights of endless partying and almost constant drug use. The twice-divorced mother of one is telling the truth about her life outside the spotlight for the first time.

Jodie Sweetin

Jodie, then 14, says she had her first glass of wine at the 1996 wedding of Full House co-star Candace Cameron-Bure. The incident, coupled with a rash of bombed auditions, sent young Jodie into a downward spiral of addiction. Even her first marriage to a police officer couldn’t curb the actress’ addiction to meth.

“I did a few key bumps and headed to the lecture hall, where a sold-out crowd waited to hear me speak,” Sweetin writes in the excerpt. “I thought for sure that one of the professors would take one look at me and kick me out. But none did. They wanted to hear about the trials and tribulations of Jodie Sweetin, or at least the Jodie Sweetin I had created,” she continues.

“They didn’t think I was coming from a two-day bender of coke, meth, and ecstasy,” she writes of a speech she gave at Marquette University in Wisconsin. “And they didn’t think I was lying to them with every sentence that came out of my mouth.”

Sweetin, 27, used the money from her appearances to pay for $700 a week habit.

“Even I started believing my own lies,” Jodie explains. “No one grilled me on my sobriety or questioned the facts in my story.”

Her lowest point came when she drove drunk with her infant daughter, Zoie, in the car. “I am not perfect, but perfection does not make a parent. Love does,” the 28-year-old mom writes in a letter to her now 18-month-old daughter.

Jodie is currently embroiled in a bitter custody battle with Zoie’s dad, former husband Cody Herpin.

“Life isn’t like a Full House episode,” Jodie writes. “Uncle Jesse isn’t going to come into that courtroom and convince the judge to rule in my favor by singing a Beach Boys song….But that’s life, and I think I’m finally starting to get it.”

unSweetined hits bookstores Nov. 3.

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