Jodi Arias’ Fate…Life in Prison?

The fate Jodi Arias is now up to the Jury. The question is, will she pay for her crime with her life?

The Arizona jury is deliberating over the 34 year old woman’s fate. The jury has to choice between possible sentences to choose from, they can either sentence her to life with the possibility of parole after 25 years, life in prison, and life with the possibility or sentence to death row.

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Arias had already been convicted of first degree Murder back in 2013 for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander. During the trail Arias testified on her own behalf, testifying that her actions of stabbing her ex-boyfriend more than two dozen times, shooting him in the face and slitting his throat were in self-defense. The Prosecutor Juan Martinez disagreed with her testimony calling it “cold-blooded murder.”

The jury came back with a guilty verdict for Arias crime and also decided that her crime did qualify for the death penalty but were deadlocked on what sentence to give her. In the aftermath of the deadlock, both sides were not able to agree on a plea bargain, which lead to a retrial on the penalty phase. The retrial on the Penalty phase began in September and deliberations started on Monday.

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Arias had been in jail since 2008, but her sentencing will greatly impact how she will serve her time in prison.

If Aris is sentenced to death, she will basically live in solitary waiting for whatever comes next.

The former deputy warden at Eyman Correctional Complex in Florence, Arizona told The Huffington Post, “She’ll basically be in solitary confinement. It’s very restrictive, very secure and very isolated.”




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