Joaquin Phoenix Heckler Fight Video (Club LIV Miami)

Aspiring hip-hop star/retired actor Joaquin Phoenix had to be restrained by bouncers after he apparently lost his cool and leapt off stage to confront a laughing heckler during a gig in Miami Wednesday night.

Joaquin was “performing” at Club LIV when a long-suffering fan started hurling insults at him from the crowd. So Joaquin did what any bearded hip-hop star would do; he jumped off the stage and wrestled the heckler to the ground before being dragged backstage by security.

According to London’s TimesOnline:

“I’ve got a $1 million in the bank. What have you got, bitch?” He then launched himself into the crowd. One fan said, “I saw the guy screaming at Joaquin. Joaquin then flipped and jumped into the crowd.”

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