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Joan Rivers Update: Comedienne Could Remain in Permanent Vegetative State, Lawsuit Expected


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Friends and family of flippant comedienne Joan Rivers remain hopefully that the ailing entertainment legend will make a full recovery after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest during a routine surgical procedure on her vocal cords last week.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Joan’s team aren’t weighing their legal options.

Rivers, 81, is slowly being brought out of the medically-induced coma doctors placed her in after she stopped breathing during an outpatient surgery at the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic in Manhattan. Doctors will know more when the Fashion Police Commish is brought out of the coma, but inside sources tell The New York Daily News that “there is a real concern” of irreversible neurological damage, “leaving her as either a vegetable or in a wheelchair.”

With Joan reportedly being kept alive with the help of life support, her daughter and frequent co-star, Melissa Rivers, is said to be “hysterical” and seriously considering slapping the Yorkville facility with a hefty lawsuit. The Rivers believe their matriarch — who has been candid about her penchant for cosmetic procedures — should have been advised to undergo her throat surgery as an in-patient at a fully-equipped hospital, particularly given her advanced age.

“Shock and upset is turning to anger and they are looking for someone to blame. The night before, she was performing and now she is on life support. An 81-year-old should not have that procedure as an outpatient. Very ill-advised.”


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