JK Rowling’s Responds To A Fans Tweet, Explains That Gay People Look Like…


JK Rowling and Gay Albus Dumbledore

JK Rowling wrote Professor Albus Dumbledore as a gay man and some people still have a hard time believing that fact and accepting it as fact. In a recent tweet, a fan of the Harry Potter series said they couldn’t envision Dumbledore as a gay man running Hogwarts. Following that tweet JK Rowling responded to the fan.

Rowling Tweeted:

It was a great and straightforward answer that quickly attracted thousands of retweets and favorites. Shortly after JK Rowling sent out her tweet in response to the fans statement, the original poster thanked the author for answering her question.

It turns out the fan was just sharing their own perception of the character and their own wish that a relationship could have started between Dumbledore and McGonagall.

TELL US: Can you picture Dumbledore as a gay man?

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