Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets Are Back With An Amazing NBA Playoffs Edition [Watch]


Jimmy Kimmel’s popular mean tweets segment is back and brings a number of hilarious reactions from NBA players in the NBA playoffs edition. Star players are featured in a different way and some of them can take a joke while others cannot.

The segment is used to expose the bad opinions of celebrities or athletes from random users on Twitter. It has people read mean tweets that have been written about them and while most people will just get a good laugh out of it, some of them can actually take it to heart, feeling that they are too mean.

The latest issue aired last night on Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel following the conclusion of the first game of the NBA finals. It featured players both that have been elimintated and still competing including Blake Griffin, Draymond Green, and Stephen Curry.

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” have been going for years and seems to be just as good as the last one every time. Of course, not everyone will be able to enjoy this one, but surely most NBA finals will get some good laughs out of it.

With the NBA finals now underway, fans will want to do anything that they can in order to gain access to NBA related content and this is a great example of that.

Some former NBA players such as Magic Johnson, Jalen Rose, and Reggie Miller are featured as well with some odd jobs targeted at them including poking fun at Magic’s teeth and Reggie Miller’s style, not relating to basketball at all.

Commentators and former coaches Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy are also featured, making fun of both of them as basketball voices and most fans will probably agree that their commentary can be quite odd at times.

Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets feature a fun collection of players and reactions in the NBA playoffs edition and is definitely worth checking out for any fan of the NBA.

Tobias Roth
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