Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Response To Anti-Vaccine Supporters Will Have You In Stitches

Last Friday, late night host Jimmy Kimmel delivers a serious message about vaccinations. As the father of an 8-month-old baby, the late night show made a slight departure from his normal comedy, to deliver a tongue-in-cheek attack against anti-vaxxers. In a video revealed on his show, Kimmel collected a group of real doctors and had them deliver a funny yet important public service announcement.

Following the video, a bunch of anti-vaccination supporters attacked Jimmy Kimmel with some pretty juvenile and outright mean Twitter messages. Here is just one example of a tweet sent to the late night talk show host:

Jimmy Kimmel and Anti Vaccination Attacks

So how did Jimmy Kimmel respond to the attacks? With yet another message for anti-vaccination supporters. “Some of these people are demanding I apologize. Which I, of course, will not do,” he revealed.

He then unveiled a new video in response to the anti-vaxxers. This time he doubled down on his attacks against the anti-science crowd. This time around Kimmel uses his “community activist team” took to the streets of Los Angeles in an effort to have people sign a petition supporting “a child’s right to choose.”

Jimmy Kimmel Anti Vaccination Humor

The results are hilarious and Jimmy Kimmel once again proves that he is not afraid to take on his haters, especially if they put their child in harm’s way.

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