Jimmy Kimmel Dancing With Ballerina Misty Copeland Was On Pointe [WATCH]

Misty Copeland is well on her way to becoming a household name. The first black ballet dancer ever promoted to principal at American Ballet Theatre, the ballerina has been breaking down barriers since she began dancing at 13, a ballet prodigy. She’s got a documentary out now about her life and career, entitled A Ballerina’s Tale. But from the looks of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, she’s got some heavy competition.

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel donned his very best pink leotard and tutu with Guillermo in an identical getup. Copeland very graciously offered to give Kimmel and Guillermo a private ballet lesson, something that most little girls would die for. Kimmel and his bud definitely did not disappoint.

Jimmy and Guillermo visit Misty while she’s warming up at the barre, complete with their tutus and tights. Jimmy tries to plie at the barre, first standing in first position with his feet turned out, prompting Misty to say, “You actually have really gorgeous legs!” From Misty, that’s a compliment of the highest order. I hope Jimmy knows that.

Misty continues to teach them the steps to the second act of Swan Lake. Jimmy is so good, in fact, that Misty gets sharp with him, so jealous is she that Jimmy has mastered ballet when it took Misty almost two decades.

But Jimmy learns that ballet comes with its risks: As he so eloquently says, “When you dance like I do, every ballet is The Nutcracker.”

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