Jimmy Fallon passes on the Late Night Pickle to Seth Meyers

Jimmy Fallon is preparing to take over The Tonight Show but he’s also wrapping a stellar 5-year career on the Late Late Show.

Now, fellow SNL Alum, Seth Meyers, will be taking over the hosting duties beginning this February. Fallon passed the torch to his friend and colleague…well pass the pickle that is. “I’ve been stuck with it for five years — I mean I’m so blessed to have this thing for five years,” Fallon joked to Seth.”And so now, I would like to present it to you … this is the passing, the passing of the pickle.”

“I don’t know if I have room for it,” said Meyers, hugging the giant pickle.

Meyers debuts on “Late Night” on Feb. 24 with guest Amy Poehler. His last night as “Weekend Update” host on “SNL” is Saturday. Fallon takes over Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show” and relocates to New York City beginning Feb. 17.

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