Jimmy Butler Blames Poor Defense By The Bulls On Himself, He Hasn’t Been Guarding A Soul

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Jimmy Butler is one of the best players on the Chicago Bulls and perhaps if he was playing a bit better defensively, the Bulls would be in better shape in the playoffs. At least that’s what he thinks as he blames their defensive struggles on himself.

The Chicago Bulls are currently up 3-2 on the Milwaukee Bucks, which might not sound so bad, until you remember that they were up 3-0 and were ready to close out the series when the Bucks came out in full force and have won 2 games since. The Milwaukee Bucks will hope to make history by defeating the Bulls and they would move on to face a depleted Cavs team that is likely to be playing without Kevin Love for the remainder of the playoffs.

Butler and the Bulls seem to have been lacking on the defensive end throughout the first round and prior to their two losses, they were forced to a double-overtime game in game 3 and if they didn’t come away with that victory, they would be down 3-2 heading to Milwaukee with their season on the line.

Jimmy Butler was an All-Star for the first time and perhaps he is letting the excitement of the playoffs get to him a bit. He is a big scorer for the Bulls and seems to think his offensive mindset is having an effect on his defensive game.

Speaking about his defensive play after the recent 95-88 loss to the Bucks, he said, “I’m supposed to be the prime-time defensive guy, and I haven’t been guarding a soul. I’ve been worried about offense too much, and I need to change that quickly or it’s going to be my fault.”

Bulls fans may also recall back in February when he said that the team’s substandard defense “starts with me.” However, a team is made up of more than one player as we all know, and it is hard to put too much blame on one player.

Jimmy Butler has been critical on himself over the current season, but the Bucks are actually shooting 10.7 percent worse than average when the reigning All-Defense Second Team honoree is guarding them and he’s getting 3.2 combined steals and blocks per game.

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