Jimi Hendrix’s Old London Home Will Open As a Museum


article-2531125-1A583CD300000578-937_634x415Ever wanted to visit the place where Jimi Hendrix lived in the late 60s? Soon, you’ll be able to.

There’s an apartment building in London that is known as Jimi Hendrix’s only official recognized residence. Located at 23 Brook Street, the apartment Hendrix lived in on the 3rd floor will soon be converted to a museum, opening in February 2016.

Hendrix’s home is tucked right next door to composer George Frideric Handel’s former home at 25 Brook Street. Because the plaque commemorating 25 Brook Street’s famous resident was placed between the two buildings, Hendrix actually believed he was living in Handel’s former home. The new museum exhibit will focus on these two very different, legendary musicians, and it’ll be called Handel and Hendrix in London.

The museum will open following a renovation of Hendrix’s apartment that cost $3.7 million. The neighboring spaces will open as a joint museum to celebrate both Hendrix and Handel, their residences in London, their careers, and their contributions to music.

Handel’s residence is already an open exhibit known as Handel House, open to the public since 2001. The Hendrix residence joins the exhibit with the moniker Hendrix Flat, and will weave together these two musical men who lived hundreds of years apart, but who both made indelible contributions to the music world. It’ll also be a tribute to London and to Brook Street itself.

Fans will remember when Hendrix’s apartment was open just once before, for a mere 12 days in 2005. That event was meant to raise money in order to create the permanent exhibition.

Check out the video below summarizing the new exhibit, and start saving your pennies for a trip to London in 2016!

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