Jim Carrey Jenny McCarthy Commitment Ceremony

Actor Jim Carrey and his longtime companion, former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy, exchanged vows in a commitment ceremony in front of family and friends earlier this month.


Jim, 47, has been legally married twice, while at 36, Jenny has one trip down the aisle under her belt. Both have long claimed marriage would spoil their relationship. Instead, the couple, who have been dating since 2005, held a special commitment ceremony, during which they promised to be together forever.

Jim and Jenny pledged their love for each other in the Malibu ceremony, before jet-setting to Las Vegas for a mock honeymoon.

“The vows basically said that they would ‘be forever in love’ with one another and that they would always be together. For the two of them, it was as good as a marriage ceremony,” a tattle reveals in the Sept. 28 issue of The National Enquirer.

“They stayed at the Fantasy Tower in a luxury Sky Villa suite. When they weren’t kissing and cuddling, the two of them played Texas hold ’em,” the source added. “He insists that he and Jenny are incredibly happy together, and they don’t want to jinx things by tying the knot. Jim says he doesn’t need a legal ceremony or a piece of paper, and Jenny feels the same.”

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