Jim Boeheim To Retire As Coach Of Syracuse In 3 Years Amid Scandal, Where Do They Go From Here?


Jim Boeheim is set to retire as the coach of the Syracuse basketball team in 3 years, but hopefully he can restore a bit of the team’s reputation before then, and lead them back to the NCAA tournament.

The legendary coach has been at the center of a scandal surrounding his Syracuse basketball team in recent years, and the team self-imposed a post-season ban for the 2015 season, as a result.

Syracuse has been involved in a cheating scandal, and the whole situation has the program in limbo, and unable to compete in the post-season. However, hearing that coach Boeheim will not be around much longer is certainly a sad for Syracuse fans after being around for nearly 40 years.

The news of coach Boeheim’s departure was initially announced via Twitter on Syracuse Basketball’s page. It will be sad for fans and coaches everywhere to see him leave the program, and after being one of the top coaches in the history of the sport, he may not make it to 1,000 wins after all.

Jim Boeheim has been a staple of the Syracuse basketball franchise, and anyone familiar with the program knows about his success with the team. In addition to coaching the Orange since 1976, he played as a guard for the team from 1962 until 1966.

With the help of star forward Carmelo Anthony, he led the team to a national championship in 2003, and a total of four Final Four appearances, in addition to 3 Big East Tournament Championships, and 8 Big East regular season championships.

Syracuse University Chancellor Kent Syverud made a statement saying “His goal in making this decision and announcement now is to bring certainty to the team and program in the coming years, and enable and plan for a successful, longer-term transition in coaching leadership. Coach Boeheim’s commitment to ensuring that the men’s basketball program remains strong even after his tenure is just one more example of his deep loyalty to our University.”

The particulars surrounding Jim Boeheim and Syracuse have not been made clear exactly, but the coach was suspended for nine ACC games next season in addition to erasing 108 of his wins due to NCAA rule violations.

Tell US: Will Jim Boeheim be able to restore Syracuse’s basketball program to its old reputation before retiring?

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