Jesus Luz’s Ex-Girlfriend: “Madonna Is A Ridiculous Old Bag!”


If you’re wondering what a handsome creature like 22-year-old model Jesus Luz sees in over the hill pop legend Madonna–besides her million dollar money bags that it is–you’re not alone.

Jesus’ former girlfriend doesn’t get it either.

Jesus dated fellow Brazilian Catharina Franca, an 18-year-old actress, for a year and a half before they split in 2006. The stunning Catharina is speaking out for the first time of her shock at discovering that her dashing ex is now involved in a passionate showmance with the Material Girl, 50; scoffing at the couple’s 28-year age gap and condemning Madge as a “ridiculous old bag.”

“When I heard about him and Madonna I couldn’t believe it,” Catharina chuckles in a new interview with Britain’s Daily Mail. “I think Madonna is just with him for the attention…..”

“I think the age makes a difference and it is ridiculous for her. It’s like my mom with a boyfriend my age, or even my grandmother. I think it’s very weird.”

Catharina continues, “I think she has some kind of an age complex, she still thinks she is a young woman, she can’t accept her age. I can’t remember him ever speaking about her or listening to her music. She is famous but she is from a different generation altogether.”

“She is a ridiculous old bag, jumping around on stage at her age,” she adds.

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