Jessica Simpson Purchases Her Own Engagement Ring

Jessica Simpson has reportedly forked over $50,000 on her own three-carat diamond engagement ring.

Is this an awesomely feminist thing to do, or just stalkerish and crazy?

The “Sweetest Sin” star has been dating her new grad school dropout/former pro footballer man — Eric Johnson — for just three weeks now, but she’s already telling friends that the cash-strapped and legally married athlete is her future husband.

Dane Cook, John Mayer, and now some married guy without a dime in his pockets. Does Girlie know how to pick ’em or what?

“Jessica’s telling all her friends that she’s going to marry Eric,” a Simpson source yaps on the pages of the Aug. 23 edition of Star Magazine.

Jess is moving full-speed ahead with her plans to become the next Mrs. Johnson. Right down to the sparkler.

“She knows it sounds crazy, but she is 100 percent believes he is the one. She’s never been more sure. She even bought herself an engagement ring….She says she knows that there’s no way he would ever break her heart.”

The former NFL star is currently unemployed and dropped plans to study at the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business this fall.

The tipster adds: “Eric is worried he’s not financially secure enough to start a future with her, but Jessica wanted to show him that she doesn’t care about that – and she has enough money for them both.”

Once Eric is ready to propose, Jessica’s self-purchased rock will make its debut.

Eric’s estranged wife (he might want to sort that out before gets engaged!) claims he’s flat broke and says Johnson’s depleted finances have a lot to do with why he’s getting so cozy with Jessica.

“Eric is plain out of money,” a loose-lipped Keri Johnson flapped in a chat with In Touch Weekly. “He was going to grad school because he didn’t know what else to do, and then he just dropped out. He lived with me until October of last year, but now I think he’s living in her house.”

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