Jessica Simpson Ken Paves Baby; Jessica Simpson Gay Hairdresser Artifical Insemination

Jessica Simpson is reportedly planning to have a baby with gay hair guru, Ken Paves.
Jess, who was spied hanging her head in shame after a supposed weekend romp with ex John Mayer, is planning be artificially inseminated with the man juice of her longtime stylist.

“Jessica has considered adopting but I think she has always wanted to experience pregnancy,” a tattle tells More Mag.

“Jess suggested artificial insemination. Ken is just as eager to have a baby, but his boyfriend isn’t as keen on the idea.”

“She’s an old fashioned girl. I’m sure she wants a child who is biologically hers.”

“She and Ken were having dinner and Jess was moaning about how she couldn’t find a man to commit and how immature the guys she has dated have been.”

“….She and Ken agreed to begin the process in the next six months.”

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