Jessica Simpson “Drunk” Speedfit DVD & Magazine Photoshoots

Jessica Simpson has a good reason for wanting to keep her 2005 workout DVD for fitness company Speedfit under lock and key; the ditzy blonde appears to be drunk in the footage, according to new reports.

“Jessica was a mess during that shoot,” a spywitness gushes to MSNBC. “She had no focus, she put out something that was entirely unusable,” said a source close to Simpson. They asked her to come back and reshoot, but she refused, and that’s why she’s facing a lawsuit now.”

“The worst thing in the world would be for that tape to get out. Ironically, it would sell better than her videos, but the last thing she needs for her career is to have the makings of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit out there for public consumption.”

An unnamed magazine source cites a similar problem with Simpson, claiming the former MTV Newlyweds star showed up for a photoshoot appearing “tipsy.”

“The (magazine) shoot was an absolute disaster. She showed up and looked like she’d been drinking,” said the magazine editor. “We were there for hours and we had maybe three usable photos from the shoot. We asked for another shoot, and she refused.”

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