Jessica Simpson Dropped: Sony BMG Jessica Simpson Label Drop Threats Over Tony Romo Romance

If Jessica Simpson doesn’t stop tossing ass at Romo from every corner of the Globe, she just might find herself out of a record deal. Executives at Sony BMG are furious that the blonde ditz has been too busy chasing after Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo to complete her debut country music LP and the record label’s heads are considering dropping the former reality TV star, according to a new tabloid report.

“These days the chief of Jess’ record label has had a hard time even getting her on the phone. Joe Galante, the head of Sony BMG Nashville, is furious and unless Jess straightens up fast, they’re considering cutting her loose. They’re tired of unreturned phone calls and unfulfilled promises.”

“Jess has been everywhere from Mexico to Texas to Hawaii with Tony, but she’s neglecting one key locale-the Nashville recording studio where she should be finishing her first country album,” a spy spills to The National Enquirer.

The tabloid source continues:

“Jessica is totally consumed with chasing Tony, and she’s making it clear that it’s that most important thing to her-more important than reviving her sagging career.”

“….If both Tony and her label dump her, the only thing she’ll be left with is tears.”

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