Jessica Simpson Advised To Fire Father Joe Simpson As Manager

Dina Lohan may not be the only celebrity parent/manager headed for the unemployment line. Perhaps it was those reports that he torpedoed her chance at joining the judges’ panel of American Idol or maybe it has something to do with rumors that he’s essentially smothering her new beau. Whatever the reason, Word on The Curb has it that singer/actress Jessica Simpson has been advised to start quietly looking to replace her father Joe Simpson as her manager.

Papa Joe has piloted the careers of daughters Jessica and Ashlee with an iron fist since the mid-’90s, but that could be about to change following a series of musical and cinema flops for Jess, now 30. A team of Jessica advisors have told the star that she needs to begin seriously considering retiring Daddy after Joe attracted a myriad of bad press for the star this week when he booted a group of crooning combat veterans off Jessica’s upcoming PBS holiday special.

“Jess is really talented, it’s clear that what’s holding her career back is her father. Joe is impossible to work with and makes terrible decisions that poor Jessica has to put up with. Now, both music and movie people are telling her she needs to let him go.”

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