Jesse James Nazi-Themed Sex Tapes

Just when it seemed there couldn’t possibly be another detail about Jesse James’ cheating scandal that could shame his devastated wife any further, one more tawdry deet about Jesse’s second double life hit the Interwebs this Tuesday. James allegedly made more than a dozen sex tapes with his hos — and he’s dressed up as a Nazi in each one. According to reports, the West Coast Coppers CEO made the films with several different mistresses unbeknownest to Oscar darling Sandra Bullock, who wed the biker in 2005.

“Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia,” a source whispered to on Tuesday. “It’s all really quite disturbing. What I saw was a naked woman on her knees and Jesse in a Nazi hat waving his arm in a salute. It looked like the woman’s hands were bound,” the insider adds. “He was shouting and singing and appearing to swig from a bottle of bourbon every now and then.”

Earlier this month, a photo of James wearing a Nazi hat and posing as Adolf Hitler hit the internet. His lawyer insisted the father of three is not a Neo-Nazi, claiming instead that the picture was a joke and the hat was a gag gift from James’ Jewish godfather.

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