“Jersey Shore” Vinny Guadagnino Kontrol Magazine Interview: “I Dig Latinas & Chocolate Honeys…”

Will you look at what we got our Hot Little Hands on! And just as the Hot Messes of MTV’s Jersey Shore washed up on the shores of Florence, Italy for Week 1 of filming on Season 4 of the popular reality series. We haven’t heard much about GTLin’ Shorer Vinny Guadagnino since his rap parody “Black & Guido” went viral a few months ago, but the most clean-cut of the vodka-soaked pop culture phenomenons has remained enough of a staple in the public eye to become one of the year’s “Very Important People” (Oh brother!) on the pages of Kontrol Magazine’s annual Art Issue, available now.

In an interview with the Atlanta-based lifestyle mag, Vinny reveals the true dynamics of the Jersey Shore house, dishes on his love of “Latinas and Chocolate Honeys,” and weighs in on whether he and Snooki will ever “smush” their way into a relationship.

Vinny on Staying in Shape: “I like working out and staying healthy for physical and mental reasons, but I also love my family’s awesome Italian food. So I just keep a balance between the two, play sports, and work out, and keep some type of decent physical shape.”

On Interracial Dating: “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice,” Vinny jokes. “I am attracted to Latin women and ‘chocolate honeys’ and they like me for some reason. I’m Sicilan, so we get along. At the end of the day, I don’t care what a girl’s race is. If she is hot, has confidence, and a good personality, I’m down to chill with her.”

On the Size of His Cannoli: “I’m comfortable with what I got and no girl has ever complained. You’ll just have to trust the eyewitness (Snooki) on that one.”

So Would He Ever Date Snooki? “We are just really good friends. I love her personality, which causes me to cling to her, but we do not like each other enough to be in a real relationship,” Vinny explains.

Vinny Talks Charity: “I’ve done some PSAs as well as a charity t-shirt line, IHAV.org, which supports anti-bullying. Every day I try to work more and more on projects that will reach the ears of youth who follow me with the platform I have been given. So there is a lot more charity and motivitional speaking that will be coming from me in the future.”

Who Would Win in a Jersey Shore vs. Real World/Road Rules Challenge? “I think we would be up for any challenge. However, Jersey Shore is a reality show phenomenon and in a category of its own. As long as it didn’t interfere with my future opportunities that the Jersey Shore has provided me with, I’d be down.”

On Misconceptions About the Cast of Jersey Shore: “[People think] we are all crazy and all we do is fight on camera. The hour show you see is minimal footage in relation to what really exists. Many of us worked and went to school before this and we are very family-oriented,” Vinny argues. “The stuff we do in that house probably isn’t half as bad compared to what goes on in some Jersey Shore houses,” he adds. “So I think we catch a bad rap sometimes, if someone who never saw the show turns on the TV to a scene of fighting or drunken madness.”

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