“Jersey Shore” Star Ronnie Caught Making Out With Another Girl

Uh-oh, will racy photos of Jersey Shore star Ronnie locking lips with another guidette spell The END for Seaside Heights lovers Ronnie Magro and Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola ?

Sammi, check your man…..

Anthony Pisciotto Jr., who runs OnCampusDrama.com, snagged a few photos of Ronnie partying with a couple of brunettes in a Long Island bar this week. Ronnie is featured bumping and grinding on several girls who are not his beloved Sammi. Scandalous…..

According to a rep for The Dublin Down Tavern – where the snaps were taken — Ronnie was at the bar on Tuesday to host an event and Sammi did not accompany him. Although Ronnie and Sammi were still dating as recently as two weeks ago, fans of the show can attest to the couple’s often stormy relationship — which included a huge blowup after Sammi saw Ronnie simply talking to another woman at a bar.

The season finale of Jersey Shore aired on MTV Thursday night.

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