“Jersey Shore” Snooki Sex Tape

It’s time to grab your dark shades and break out the Brain Bleach — A sex tape featuring Jersey Shore’s pint-sized loudmouth Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi could soon hit the shelves of your favorite adult toy store.

In a candid chat with the Jan. 11 issue of Life & Style, the 22-year-old self professed “Princess of Poughkeepsie” admits she’s allowed her bedroom stylings and pickle-suckin’ practices to be immortalized on tape during a few past hookups with her beloved “juicers.”

Of course, all that was long before she became the breakout star of the season’s trashiest reality hit. Snooki says she’d never try to cash in on any archived footage. “I don’t want people to watch me doing that,” she says. “It’s a private thing.”

Whille Snooki might think her homemade skin flicks are for her eyes only, someone could earn a mayjah payday if any of that footage ever made it into the right hands. Steven Hirsch, founder of celebrity-stalking porn giant Vivid Entertainment, tells Life & Style that a sex tape starring the heavily-tanned Italian could sell for between “$1 million and $3 million.”

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