“Jersey Shore” Halloween Costumes

Are you ready for All Hallow’s Eve? The creative geniuses at Costume Craze are cashing in on the national phenomenon set off by the hit MTV reality soap Jersey Shore.

With Jersey Shore-themed costume parties sprouting up all across America, it was only a matter of time before a major costume manufacturer decided to take the concept and run with it straight to the bank. Costume Craze — the pioneering company behind the Lady Gaga costumes — has landed exclusive rights to the official Jersey Shore costumes.

Now your dream of masquerading as everyone’s favorite STD-ridden reality stars is only a mouse click away.
The costumes will go on sale at CostumeCraze.com late next month and will retail for anything from $24.99 (Pauly D.) to $29.99 for pickle-eatin’ crowd pleaser Snooki.

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