“Jersey Shore” Cast Banned From Miami Clubs

It seems Star Magazine was on to something when they reported that the cast of Jersey Shore wasn’t exactly being welcomed with open arms down in The Sunshine State.

The second season of the MTV breakout hit will kick things off in the tourist hotspot of South Beach Miami before the crew heads back to their old stomping ground in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, but according to tipsters for The New York Post and RadarOnline, many local establishments are none too pleased about the arrival of “gym, tan, laundry” and have declared M.I.A. a “Fist Pump Free Zone.”

“No one wants them to tape here,” a source blabbed to The Post on Saturday. “They went to the W Hotel the other night and got rejected. They were also refused by the Delano, Shore Club and the Mondrian.”

Another spy added, “Mike Sorrentino and ‘Pauly D’ DelVecchio pulled up in a black Escalade with New York plates at 9:30 Thursday morning blasting house music and parking in a 30-minute loading space in front of David’s Cafe. Dozens of locals were standing in line for their morning coffees . . . prompting them to roll their eyes and whisper to each other, ‘When do they leave?'”

Word is a number of hot spots are denying the group entry because they don’t want to be associated with the brawls that often follow them. A insider tells RadarOnline.com: “A lot of places don’t want the cast in their clubs and restaurants because they don’t have the best reputation and they’re concerned about fights breaking out.”

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