Jersey “Housewives” Teresa & Dina Rip Into “Jersey Shore”

It’s The Garden State vs. The Garden State as kept socialites Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo, of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey, take on the self-assigned guidos and guidettes of MTV’s breakout smash Jersey Shore. During an otherwise tight-lipped promotional interview with The Associated Press Tuesday, the gals with big hair and even bigger attitudes sounded off the rowdy twentysomethings of The Shore — which has far surpassed Jersey’s edition of The Real Housewives franchise in popularity since premiering last November.

According to Dina and Teresa, Snooki, Sitch, and The Gang are a bad influence on children.

“I’m not too big of a fan of everything they are doing,” says Teresa — a mother of four, who famously flipped a table during a profanity-ridden tirade on last May’s season one finale showdown. “I want to teach my daughters especially, I have four of them, to have good morals and to respect themselves. I mean, I had a shore house and I never made out with another girl in the hot tub. You should respect yourself and respect your body.”

Although Teresa and Dina acknowledge that the drunken antics displayed on the show is sometimes a reality of being young and carefree, neither woman can fathom why Jersey Shore has single-handedly sparked an influx of “Joisey”-inspired series, including The Style Network’s Jerseylicious and Oxygen’s Jersey Couture.

“I have met a couple of them. They are very nice people but I just think that young America needs to be a little but more responsible, and us as well, with what’s been on television,” Dina added. “We shouldn’t be telling our kids, ‘Listen if you get drunk and go in a hot tub and make out you’ll get your own TV show.’ That’s my feeling towards it.”

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The second season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will premiere on Bravo May 3.

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