Jerry West Threatened To Resign If The Warriors Traded Klay Thompson For Kevin Love



Jerry West is just one of many people who are glad that the Warriors still have Klay Thompson on the roster rather than Kevin Love, who could have been a possibility. Just think about how different the NBA finals could be right now if that trade would have happened.

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry make up the “splash brothers” backcourt of the Golden State Warriors and knowing how good they play together, it is just silly to think that the Warriors would have even thought about giving him up for the big man.

The Golden State Warriors are just one game away from winning their first championship in 40 years, but it may not have been possible without the help of Jerry West, since Thompson has certainly been a big part of their success.

Jerry West was brought on as a board member of the Warriors franchise in 2011 when new majority owner Joe Lacob gave him a partial ownership stake and the chance to help organize a rebuild.

Knowing how important the young guard is to the franchise, West strongly opposed the trade for Love, calling it a big mistake. He went further to say that he would resign if the deal had gone through, and while he may not have actually gone through with it, when someone like him feels that strongly about something, it is certainly worth listening to.

Prior to the trade, Kevin Love was coming off a season where he averaged 26.1 PPG (fourth in the NBA) and 12.5 RPG (third in the NBA). As a result, he was arguably the best free agent at the time, and some people even criticized their decision to not make the trade, thinking it would cost them their shot at a title.

Jerry West sure knew what he was doing since Kevin Love is now injured and not competing in the finals while Klay Thompson is continuing an excellent season that saw him receive honors of his first All-Star team, the All-NBA Third Team, and along with MVP Stephen Curry, the best guard combo perhaps in the history of the league.

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