‘Jerry Maguire’s Jonathan Lipnicki Wishes A Happy Father’s Day To Tom Cruise’s Iconic Character [Watch]

Jerry Maguire gave us a number of memorable lines and moments and has been hailed as one of the greatest sports movies of all time as well as romantic comedies, but one thing that was also special about it was Jerry Maguire’s relationship with the young boy.

The young boy in the film, Ray, was played by Jonathan Lipnicki and shared some incredibly cute moments with the film’s star and won over the hearts of everyone who saw the film.

In a segment called Dads Of Our Lives with ScreenJunkies, Lipnicki shared a special message for the man who played a father figure to his character in the 1996 film. He thanks him for everything that he did for him, showing how much Tom Cruise’s character meant to not only his character, but himself as well.

Jerry Maguire‘s Jonathan Lipnicki hasn’t done much in the film industry since the release of Jerry Maguire, but as he explains in the video, he is a competitive Brazilian jujitsu fighter now and that he is a purple belt, referring to himself as J. Lip.

At one point during the video, he even references the classic Jerry Maguire line when saying “You complete me, Jerry. Sure you weren’t my real dad, but, you loved me anyway.” He continues to show footage of himself from the film and talks about how adorable he was as people have talked about for years.

Like many child stars, Lipnicki has been forgotten over the years by most film fans, and it seems that he will be forever known as “the kid from Jerry Maguire.” In addition to playing Renee Zellweger’s son in the film, he has also appeared in The Little Vampire, Like Mike, Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2, among others.

Jerry Maguire‘s Jonathan Lipnicki was known for his cute glasses, his hair and several fun facts that we might not know otherwise such as the human head weighing 8 pounds. He also lets director Cameron Crowe know that if he ever wants to cast him again that he can find him on Twitter at the end of the video in a fun and teasing way.


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