Jermaine Jackson Fires Back at Debbie Rowe: Michael Would Be Nothing Without Jackson 5!

Another day, another soap opera saga live from the Jackson Family Compound.

Well, actually, live from the streets of Los Angeles. See, that’s were roving paparazzi caught up with sometime singer/professional child support dodger Jermaine Jackson. The snappers wanted the star’s thoughts on former sister-in-law Debbie Rowe’s plans to drag the Jacksons to court for custody of her children with late Pop King Michael Jackson.

And oh what a monologue he had for them!

Rowe is currently fighting the musical dynasty to win guardianship of Michael’s three children, Prince, 17, and Paris, 16, and Blanket, 12. The 55-year-old horse trainer is the biological mother of Prince and Paris, but is willing to take Blanket too (the identity of his birth mother is unknown) because she believes that the children have “no proper supervision” under the guardianship of 83-year-old Jackson matriarch Katherine Jackson.

This became even more apparent, Rowe says, after Paris’ highly-publicized suicide attempt last summer. Debbie relinquished her parental rights shortly after she and Michael divorced, but is hoping the kids will come live with she and her fiancé on her ranch in Palmdale, California.

That’s bad enough, Jermaine argues, but what really makes his high-top fade stand at attention is Rowe’s assertion that Michael’s siblings spent his life “sponging off” his fame.
She added that ex-husband Michael once told her that all of his siblings except for Janet “had no talent.” Jermaine believes “there would be no Michael Jackson” without The Jackson 5.

Check out J.J.’s rant above.

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