Jeremy Piven Man Boobs?

Don’t worry, Jeremy Piven’s love of soy milk hasn’t left the Entourage actor with unslightly “moobs.”

Jeremy Piven Man Boobs

The actor, best known for his role as Ari Gold on the HBO series, caused a stir on the Interwebs this week after he claimed he stopped drinking soy milk because its high estrogen levels caused him to grow man boobs.

“I was the guy who dabbled in soy milk, but now we’ve found soy milk estrogen for me to grow breasts, I had to put the soy milk down,” Jeremy said in an interview in Empire Magazine’s December issue. “It was a very confusing time.”

A rep for the actor says Jeremy was just having a little fun with the interviewer: “Anyone who knows Jeremy knows he was kidding around with his answers….”

Jeremy was forced to swear off sushi after a controversial bout with mercury poisoning earlier this year.

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