Jeremy Meeks #HottieThug Mugshot Goes Viral

We can always depend on social media to provide us with even more reasons to be disappointed in the sad state of humankind.

Take this next item, for instance: Meet Jeremy Meeks, a gangbangin’ drug dealer from Stockton, California — one of the nation’s most economically devastated regions. Gang violence is big business in Stockton (known as Suckton to the natives) and Jeremy’s got a rap sheet longer than an elephant’s trunk.

And somehow, this inner city Romeo has managed to carve out a place in our pop culture consciousness…thanks to his piercing eyes and “hot” mugshot.

Meeks became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook on Thursday, after his booking photo was uploaded to the Stockton Police Department Facebook page and almost instantly went viral. Meeks was arrested Wednesday on felony weapons charges during a sweep of the Western Ranch area of Stockton, police said.

“Damn that, will you look at that bone structure?!” has been the cry of thousands of ladies and gays, who’ve come from almost every corner of the Interwebs to drool over Jeremy’s “dreamy” mugshot. A few seemed especially smitten by his distinctive teardrop tattoo (gang insignia after having committed a murder). Someone volunteered to share a cell with him. Others suggested careers in acting and modeling.

One woman exclaimed:

“I am in love with a criminal!”

The #HottieThug phenomenon has made a viral sensation out of a career convict. Meeks’ photo has received more than 45,000 likes and over 14,000 comments on Facebook, most of them describing the convicted felon as “gorgeous” and “incredibly handsome.”

Way to shoot for the stars, girls. What can we say: There’s something about neck ink.

Jeremy sat behind plexiglass, jailhouse phone affixed to his ear, during a Thursday evening interview with a local news station. He says he can hardly believe the worldwide reaction to his pretty little face, but hopes to use all this attention to reshape his life. The married father of one, 30, has vowed to walk away from the gang life for good.

Why bust your gun when you obviously have a much more promising future as a male prostitute?!

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