‘Jeopardy’ Contestant Was Lonely During Final Jeopardy Round (Video)

'Jeopardy' Contestant Was Lonely During Final Jeopardy Round (Video)

Jeopardy contestant Kristin was alone during the final jeopardy round of the hit game show last night. Her competitors Brad and Stephanie gave it their best go, but their scores were seriously lacking when the buzzer announced the end of the double jeopardy round.

Brad scored negative $200 while Stephanie went for the gold, scoring a total of negative $6,800. It’s quite a rare occurrence to have only one contestant make it through to the final round. The last time that happened was in March 2011 where Alex Trebek was left with a sole contestant to win the game.

'Jeopardy' Contestant Was Lonely During Final Jeopardy Round (Video)

Above, you can see the other contestants looking not so happy at the sound of the buzzer. Of the single contestant for the final jeopardy round, the host commented, “This was not one of our greatest days.”

Watch the video to see the other contestants fail miserably before the buzzer sounds:


If you aren’t a fan of the highly addictive question and answer trivia game, then you should know that contestants can advance to the final jeopardy round by scoring anything in the positive. Red, or negative scores, prohibit players from advancing to the final round of the competition.

The only question we have left after watching the clip above is why Kristin wagered anything at all? She went into the final jeopardy round with $8,600 and the category was “The U.S. Government”. She had the chance to wager absolutely nothing and still win the show, but she wagered $1,600 – which would have given her $10,000 total if she would’ve guessed correctly.

Despite the non-winning strategy by Brad and Stephanie, their loss made for some excellent television. Stephanie didn’t look too happy at the sound of the double jeopardy round ending, but it was great for the viewers at home.

TELL US: Would you have wagered anything if you found yourself in the final jeopardy round all by yourself?

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