‘Jeopardy’ Champ Hilariously Fails At Final Jeopardy With Broadway Question, Wins Anyway



Jeopardy has provided some great entertainment for fans over the years, and many of those moments come in the form of hilariously bad answers. Sometimes, despite being a genius at most things, certain contestants can even slip up on a question that most people watching at home would probably know.

In the episode of the Jeopardy that aired last night, a great moment was had when Choyon Manjrekar incorrectly answered the Final Jeopardy question. He did it in such a way that host Alex Trebek got a good laugh out of the audience and it was something that most people would likely know.

The contestant held a commanding lead going into Final Jeopardy and was given the clue of “A Christian hymn and a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical.”

Jeopardy has been known to have clues that offer several possibilities, but this clue essentially offered only one possible answer, that is if you have any sort of Broadway knowledge at all of course, which Manjrekar did not.

Instead of giving the correct answer that many people could at least be able to figure out if they did not know already, he give a shrug to indicate that he was clearly guessing and didn’t have a clue, following his submitting answer of “Kinky Boots.”

Kinky Boots is a musical, but obviously it has nothing to do with religious hymns. The correct answer was Rock Of Ages, which is a musical that features music from the 80’s and was also made into a film in 2012.

Alex Trebek, the longtime host of the trivia-based show, had some fun with his answer and responded with “Kinky Boots, yes indeed! Whenever people go to temple or go to church, they sing ‘Kinky Boots’!”

The Jeopardy champ won for the third night on Monday, adding to his total that is now at 56,000, and proving that he doesn’t need to know everything in order to advance on the show.

Tobias Roth
Tobias Roth received his bachelor's degree in English with a concentration on Film Studies from Michigan State University. He loves movies, being outdoors and enjoys a good game of ultimate frisbee. He also has a passion for animals, the environment, and learning new things.

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