Jenny McCarthy: “The World’s Coolest Grandma”

Jane Erin Carrey, Jim Carrey, Jenny McCarthy

Playboy pin-up-turned-autism activist Jenny McCarthy, whose longtime boyfriend Jim Carrey’s daughter is expecting her first child, couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of becoming a “grandma.”

“I think he’s going to make the world’s best [grandfather] because he is so animated,” Jenny told PEOPLE. on Monday. Jim’s daughter Jane, 21, recently wed and will be the guest of honor a baby shower Jenny has planned for later this month. “I also think I am going to rock as the grandma. I love her and I am excited about this baby.”

So what advice does Jenny have the new mom?

“My biggest lesson in it will probably be to just shut up and just let her raise the baby the way that she wants it. I think grandparents can kind of overstep their boundaries. I’m going to try to be there as a friend and a cool grandma.”

On Monday, Jenny and reality star Dean McDermott hosted an Elf Party in NYC’s Bryant Park in honor of their new ABC Family holiday movie Santa Baby 2.

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