Jenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd Confirm “The View” Exit

Monday marked the first live broadcast of The View since news hit the Interwebs that panelists Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd will no longer have reserved seats at the famous table when the show premieres its 18th season next month.

An upbeat McCarthy used her exit statement to (shamelessly) plug an upcoming project:

“It is true, let me tell you what’s going on. I am so grateful to have worked with Barbara Walters in her last year along with many producers and co-hosts, but after much consideration, I have a new job that will allow me to do what I do best, which is talk without having to interrupt anyone. I will be announcing it in the next few weeks and couldn’t have been more grateful for the fans who have supported me, so stay tuned even if it does compete with The View.”

By comparison, a tearful Shepherd was downright downtrodden. Shepherd — who is locked in, what’s shaping up to be, one very nasty divorce/custody battle — says she decided not to return to The View in the spring, but kept quiet about her departure out of respect for her mentor, (newly retire) View creator Barbara Walters.

“It is true that I’m leaving The View. Some people have known since the spring that I was leaving. I didn’t want to do anything to distract from Barbara Walters and our celebration of her retirement in May. You guys know that I often talk about my faith. I’m a woman of faith and seven in the Bible is the number of God’s completion. And I’ve been here seven years, and my time at The View is complete.”

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