“Jenny Craig” Spokesmodel Phylicia Rashad Loses 35 Pounds

Cosby mom Phylicia Rashad has lost 35 pounds since signing up as Jenny Craig’s latest celebrity spokesmodel eight months ago.


Phylicia says walking up three flights of stairs and not being able to catch her breath was her moment of truth.

“It had nothing to do with appearance, especially with the roles I have been playing,” the Tony Award-winning actress recalls. “It had to do with the way I felt and the way I was feeling inside.”

In order to reach her target weight, each week, Phylicia, 61, met with a consultant about her program, based on 1,200 calories a day and 30-45 minutes of activity — including floor exercises and light strength training.

“The most rewarding thing about reaching my goal weight is that I feel so much lighter. There’s just an overall sense of well-being,” she reveals. “And there’s the increased energy as well too. It’s nice to have people say you look nice. Who knew losing weight could be so much fun?”

Phylicia will unveil her new leaner figure in a commercial, titled “Uphill Battle,” set to debut this Saturday, Aug. 29.

“We are so proud of Phylicia’s success. As the public saw her journey unfold on television, Phylicia remarked that the one part of the Jenny Craig program she didn’t think she needed, a personal consultant, turned out to be the key to her 35-lb weight loss success,” says Jenny Craig Sr. Director of Branding and Advertising, Steve Bellach. “Phylicia exemplifies what is achievable and for that reason, she is truly inspirational.”

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